The region

The region

The region has particularly good facilities and stands at the crossroads of nature, culture, research and industry. The La Paudèze apartments offer a quiet break very close to a wide range of activities.


The Vaud canton is home to a large number of multinationals and big businesses.
The region offers a dynamic, attractive setting at the heart of Europe for companies from all over the world.
Businesses in the region
Top world training and research institutions


Top world training and research institutions
Thanks to the presence of top world training and research institutions, notably the École Polytechnique Fédérale (EPFL) and the University of Lausanne (UNIL), a central location in the heart of Europe, a cosmopolitan milieu, an extraordinary climate and quality of life, a remarkably dense network of competences is being created in an around Lausanne.


The landscape

La Paudèze lies at the heart of an exceptional winegrowing region, with breathtaking landscapes inviting discovery and tours.


Museums, theatres, clubs and festivals – La Paudèze customers can enjoy an amazingly rich cultural life so close to Lausanne and its region.


Skiing, sailing, running, paddle surfing, walking and even diving, a stone’s throw from the Olympic Capital – all sports come together here.

Restaurants and nightlife

There are restaurants and bars very near the apartments. And, for night owls, the best clubs are not far away – all you need to do is go to Lausanne.

4km from the center of Lausanne
meters from public transportation
Immediate proximity to restaurants and bars

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